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midsoft InvoiceNow - Invoicing Software
InvoiceNow – Invoicing Software
Our Invoicing Software, InvoiceNow was created for the thousands of small businesses and the self employed who don't require a complicated accounting system. It allows companies to quickly create professional looking Invoices and Statements using a database of products and services.As a bonus, InvoiceNow will also maintain stock levels and can run stock reports to analyse your sales, and help you plan you purchasing. InvoiceNow allows you to modify you invoice layout to fit your own stationary.
Price Support
Single User (Installed on1 PC only) £395 £75
2 User network licence
£495 £95
5 user network licence
£795 £150
10 user network licence
£1250 £295
On site Installation/Training £450 / Day  
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Invoicing Software – Features
• Create Invoices Manually or from Templates
• Print in any format
• Customer database
• Product Database and Stock Control
• Report Designer
• Overdue skips management
• Post Code lookup
• 12 month free technical support
• On site installation and training available
• Built in Backup System
• View and Print Customer History
• Export to Excel
• Report Designer
• Integrate with Sage and Quickbooks
Invoicing Software – Screen Shots
Invoice Detail Screen TOP
Invoice Detail
When raising a new skip order the customer details are entered automatically. The skip size, due date, driver/vehicle information and also payment information are recorded here. It is then possible to print daily manifests for each vehicle and also delivery/collection notes for customers. Creating an Exchange or Collection is as simple as clicking a button. No more typing is required.
Invoice Summary TOP
Invoice Summary
The job summary gives you a overview of your work from many different perspectives. By default you are shown today’s jobs, one click will show you tomorrows and so on. You can also quickly filter out certain skip sizes or categories or even types of job like Collections or Exchanges. Searching for an existing job to collect or exchange is simple. There are many ways to find the job you are looking for including, post code, company or surname, job number or address.
Item Detail TOP
Invoice Item
Using the scheduler you can allocate jobs to drivers, move to different days or drivers. This screen gives you a daily or weekly overview of our current work. The colour scheme makes it easy to see what is going on. You can batch print drivers tickets or run sheets.
Invoice Printout TOP
A standard invoice layout is provided which can be amended for use with your stationery. These invoices can then be imported into accounts systems like Sage,Quickbooks, MYOB etc. The invoice layout can be amended by our engineers as part of the in site installation. It is also available as an option if you decide not to need us to perform the installation form you.
Invoice Report TOP
Invoice Report

Our invoicing system is very flexible. You can choose from creating one invoice per job, one invoice per customer per week/month etc. or even one invoice per site or a mixture. Invoices can be created automatically from jobs and multiple jobs put into one invoice using the screen above.

Invoice Template TOP
Invoice Template
One vital requirement of any database is the ability to quickly find information however obscure. We provide a very simple search screen giving the user many methods of finding an existing skip when the customer wants to exchange or arrange a collection. Often a builder might only know the road name, our system can find the skip by this information alone .
Products and Stock Control TOP
Optionally, tickets can be printed directly from the system, replacing your old books. You can print the tickets individually as required or as a batch or a mixture of the two. We can amend our layout file to fit your stationary and if you've not yet got stationary we can source it for you. The usual tickets are 6" x 8" on a tractor fed dot matrix printer.
Customer Database TOP
Of of the most powerful features of SkipTrak is the ability to run and create and amend report without having a programmer modify the software. We have our own visual report designer that makes this easy. We provide a range of useful reports, for example : Outstanding Skips, Overdue Skips, Jobs List betweena date range, Customer History. All reports can be viewed printed or exported and e-mailed if required.
Report Selection TOP
One major feature of SkipTrak is it's ability to tell you where your skips are. This has numerous advantages including: reducing the chance of losing skips; keeping a track of who has what, especially when stock is low and just generally being in control of your vailable assets.
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